Car Daytime Running Lights

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LED daytime running lights primarily serve to better recognize the vehicle and not to illuminate the road. This provides additional safety for the other road users as well. In addition, LED daytime running lights in particular give the vehicle an additional dynamic look.

What is an LED daytime running light?

LED daytime running lights are switched on as additional lighting during the day and serve the optimum signal effect whenever low beam is not necessary. For Europe, the general rule is that the low beam and daytime running lights must not be used together. The daytime running lights may only be switched on alone or in combination with the parking lights. Exceptions are occasional new models with built-in adaptive daytime running lights.

Which features should be considered with the LED daytime running lights?

- For use in road traffic, approval in accordance with ECE Regulation 87 is required. The RL stands for Running Light.

- have a difference in function, but also for road traffic are allowed lights with an R7-ID.

- There are LED daytime running lights that are designed for show purposes and do not meet the approval standard.

- For installed luminaires that do not comply with the standards, there are problems with the main inspection; they are considered a significant defect. Likewise, there may be difficulties with insurance in the case of an accident, provided that a causal relationship can be established.

- When retrofitting LED daytime running lights, the maximum power consumption is usually between 10 and 42 watts.

- LED lamps usually last a lifetime of luminaires with operating times of up to 100,000 hours.