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Changing the oil in your vehicle's engine is a necessary maintenance task, since it prevents the internal elements of your car's engine from wearing out and getting it to work for a longer time. In our department of motor oils you can discover a large selection of car oils and check the different prices and brands that exist.

Why do I have to change the engine oil?

Changing engine oil, among other things, helps keep the engine clean. In addition, it also prevents sediments from forming or the engine becoming corroded. In summary, the main advantage of changing the engine oil regularly is to get the engine life to lengthen. Another of the crucial maintenance tasks, to ensure that the operation of the engine is optimal and its performance is adequate, is to replace the oil filter.

When do I have to change the engine oil?

In general, it is recommended to follow the maintenance intervals established by each automobile manufacturer. However, there are several indications that may make you think it is necessary to change the engine oil, for example, that the warning light comes on or that the engine makes more noise than normal.

What kinds of oil are there?

In the market you can find different types of oil: mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil and synthetic oil. In the vehicle manual you will find information about the type of oil that must be used for the engine of your car, as well as the frequency with which you have to change it.
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