Car Exhaust Systems

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Do you know that too? You drive through the city and suddenly you hear a loud roar and tubes behind. Soon a car or motorcycle will drive past you, making so much noise that you will not even hear the music on the radio. The reason for this is either an exchange or a defect of the exhaust system. But whether this is wanted or not, what exactly does it do? In principle, it has two main tasks. First, of course, the derivation of the combustion gases, this purpose should be known to everyone. On the other hand, it also dampens the pressure that arises during the explosive combustion of the fuel. This is the sound emission and is therefore the reason why exhaust systems in the basic equipment are often not as loud as, for example, the sports variant. In the overall picture of a motor vehicle, it has a very great importance, which makes you so popular especially with car tuners. It has a direct influence on how much torque is available to the driver.

How are exhaust systems constructed?

Essentially, exhaust systems consist of five components. Namely the exhaust manifold, the catalyst, a possible tailpipe, the center and rear silencer and a Endroher. Each part has its own function and must be well coordinated with the rest of the system. The direct connection to the engine is the exhaust manifold. It passes the exhaust gases to the rest of the system and also regulates fuel consumption. The catalyst is then there to filter out the expelled toxins and convert them. In a chemical reaction, water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are produced, which are ultimately emitted. The so-called bifurcation pipe is not available in all exhaust systems. Only if several exhaust gases must be merged, it comes with its Y-like shape used. The intermediate silencers finally regulate the volume. For example, there are absorption silencers, which are covered with a kind of insulating wool. Through several holes in the raw sound waves are directed into this. The visible and known to us all end of the exhaust systems then forms the tailpipe. It is directly connected to the rear silencer and ultimately directs the exhaust gases to the outside.

How do I recognize broken exhaust systems and what should I do?

Exhaust systems may not be fully screwed to the car. You need a little leeway to be able to catch the vibrations while driving. So they are attached with suspension rubbers. These can easily become brittle or even tear over time. If you exert slight pressure on the endrooster and this vibrates or even sags, this is the case. You can replace it yourself if you want to save yourself the way to the workshop. Just make sure that all parts have cooled properly before.

If you hear a tinny clatter when accelerating, this indicates loose baffles. Since these can damage the catalyst, you should immediately take care of it and visit the nearest workshop.

Another possible defect of exhaust systems are holes and rust. These can sometimes be very dangerous. You will usually recognize them by the increased noise level of your car. But also increased consumption and lower performance can be a sign. In any case, drive directly to the workshop.

What is the benefit of tuning exhaust systems?

Tuning to exhaust systems is very popular because of the aggressive sound, which spread many models. But also a performance increase can be caused by a changed form. In addition, you increase the lifespan so often because retrofitted systems are often made of better materials. For many tuners beyond the optical effect is not to be underestimated. The rear area can get a noble touch through chromed exhaust system.