Car Exterior Light Bulbs

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Outdoor bulbs are an integral part of the equipment needed for any vehicle. Indeed, they allow the driver to be seen and to have an optimal vision of road, especially when it is night or that there is a lot of fog. Exterior lights are also mandatory under the law and any driver must ensure their proper functioning for safety, but also that of other passengers and cars.

When should you change the exterior bulbs of your vehicle?

It is recommended to regularly check the condition of the exterior bulbs of your vehicle and change every 2 years or every 30,000 km. Make sure that the light produced always provides optimal visibility. If not, adopt new bulbs, essential for your safety on the road.

How to choose outdoor bulbs for your vehicle?

- Choose a halogen lamp if you want a standard level of light on the road.

- Bet on outdoor xenon bulbs if you drive a lot of night. Indeed, these types of fires diffuse a much higher luminous flux than that produced by traditional fires. They are also less aggressive to the eyes of other drivers because of their bluish color.

- Choose LED bulbs, especially if you ride during the day. They light up quickly and consume little.