Car Floor Mats

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Doormats must not be missing in any car. Like floor mats on our doorstep, car mats are a very practical and therefore very popular mudflap. Especially in autumn and winter, when nature sticks to our shoes, floor mats serve as an ideal protection for your vehicle carpet. In addition, they are very handy and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

What should you pay attention to when buying?

Normally, floor mats are not exactly the first car accessories that we think of when buying a car, because they are especially included in new cars. Only when the doormat wears and it smells damp in the car, it is time to think about a new doormat. What material? What size? What color?

Car mats can be both good looking and practical, with a wide range of floor mats to suit every car and every budget. When buying, however, you should pay particular attention to the correct size of the floor mats. Because what is more annoying than a car mat, which constantly slipping while driving, distracts you from driving and thereby endangers their safety? When selecting the size, you can orient yourself to key data such as the model and manufacturer of the car or the year of construction of your vehicle.

What materials are used to make floor mats?

Many car mats today are made of rubber. These are particularly useful in winter, as they can not only withstand mud, but also wet well. Often these types of floor mats are made of rubber honeycombs that trap the water. The higher the honeycomb, the more dirt and moisture the mat can absorb. However, it is important to also pay attention to the edge, because if too much water accumulates, this can quickly spill over. But rubber mats have the advantage that they are easier to clean than conventional car mats. So if you do not mind the smell of rubber or its bland appearance, you can save a lot of time and money with a rubber foot mat.

A fancier variant, however, are velor floor mats. Although they are a lot more expensive, but they score with their special adaptability and slip resistance.

Even cleaning the velor floor mats is child's play, as they can be easily vacuumed.

Similar to rubber floor mats, loop mats reliably absorb moisture and mud. Their coarse structure therefore ensures a dry car even in winter. When buying, however, you should make sure that the back of the doormat is non - slip, to prevent unnecessary slipping back and forth. For those who want a special look for their car, there are car mats made of special materials such as aluminum, real wood or corrugated metal.

How can I best clean my doormat?

Whether rubber mat or loop mat, after a while every car and every doormat needs a thorough cleaning. Manufacturers promise quick and easy cleaning, but is it really as easy as manufacturers promise? The answer is yes, because floor mats can endure so much.

After you have removed the floor mats from the footwell, first knock off the coarse dirt from the car mat on a wall, because then it comes to shampooing and brushing. You can also shampoo your doormat with a conventional detergent to dry the dirt between the rubber honeycomb and the back of the skin. Using a strong brush, rub the detergent into the doormat until the dirt has dissolved and then spray the floor mats with water. If you are really thorough, you can use an old toothbrush to clean up the dirt and cracks. Before you put the doormat back on your car carpet, make sure that the floor mats are completely dry to avoid moisture in the car. And then it's still a good trip!