Car Fuel Tank Caps

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The fuel cap, although it may seem like a simple cover, is actually a real safety device that has the task of protecting the tank of your car. Its primary function, in fact, is to prevent the entry of debris inside it and at the same time guarantee the expulsion of petrol vapors. Moreover, being equipped with a special lock, it protects your car from possible attempts at theft of the fuel. This way you can sleep peacefully even when you happen to leave your car unattended.

When to replace the fuel cap?

The petrol cap is certainly not among the components of a car that is more subject to wear, however, it too can cause you problems. Over time, for example, the gasket that guarantees its sealing could harden and cause excessive evaporation of the fuel. Sometimes, however, you may have difficulty closing or opening the cap due to oxidation or small bumps that may have compromised the integrity of the lock. In all these cases, to avoid unpleasant inconveniences, you should buy a spare fuel cap.

How to choose a petrol cap?

- Make sure you buy a fuel cap compatible with your car. In fact, each car has a specific cap fitted with a special thread

- If you intend to purchase an aftermarket tank cap, make sure it has the same functions as the original model

- Compatibly with the specifications of your vehicle, prefer models equipped with a bleed valve and protection from overflow fuel

- To deal with the unexpected, buy an emergency petrol cap to keep in your car