Car Glow Plugs

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Glow plugs are needed to start diesel engines at low temperatures. If one or more glow plugs are defective, the vehicle has starting problems, especially in winter, or considerable difficulty in accelerating. Although the life of the glow plugs depends on their quality and the number of engine starts, on average they have a lifetime of approximately 80,000-100,000 kilometers driven.

Can you change a glow plug yourself?

For the change of glow plugs technical skill as well as special tools are necessary. If both are available, the glow plugs can also be changed by yourself. If in doubt, you should consult a specialist workshop to avoid damage to the cylinder heads.

How to choose the right glow plug?

- When buying new glow plugs, the make of the car, the model and the year of construction are crucial. Which glow plugs are required depends on the engine.

- There are both short and long standard candles and turbo candles. In entry-level and off-road engines, there is usually a standard combustion chamber, so standard glow plugs also have to be installed. The length depends on the thread in the combustion chamber. In expensive off-road engines usually turbo combustion chambers are installed, so that turbo glow plugs must be used.

- The bigger the engine of a car, the better it can store heat. Thus, glow plugs in large engines must heat up less and models with a low proportion of nitromethane should be installed.