Car Headlight Assemblies

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With a xenon headlamp you get particularly bright light for your vehicle. These lights are preferably installed as front lights. They provide excellent illumination of the road and surroundings in both high beam and dipped beam. With a complete kit for xenon headlights you can convert your car to the modern technology.

What do Xenon headlamps bring?

Xenon headlamps provide brighter light than other halogen bulbs. They consume less energy when used in continuous operation. Their lifespan is significantly longer compared to halogen bulbs. Xenon headlights have a very high light density, which allows a compact design. Her slightly bluish light is perceived as encouraging, while the warm tone of an incandescent lamp is more reassuring. In good visibility, xenon headlamps enhance perceptible contrasts.

How to choose the right xenon headlight

- How much space is available for installation? A xenon headlight has an increased space requirement, since it can only be operated with a ballast. Before buying, check that the chamber for the lamp is big enough.

- Does your vehicle already have automatic headlamp leveling? You may only operate the xenon headlamp if this technical detail is present. It may be necessary to retrofit the headlamp leveling system in order to comply with the requirements for retrofitting in motor vehicles.

- Do you need the light immediately? Xenon headlamps as gas discharge lamps need a certain starting phase until the full luminosity develops. This can take up to 30 seconds.