Car Horns

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Have you recently noticed that your car horn was no longer working? It may be time to consider replacing him. Whether you do it yourself or you would prefer to call a car mechanic, you will find in this shop a variety of car horns. These tools allow, thanks to a sound amplifier system, to sound a very loud sound to signal vehicles in your immediate environment. Its use is regulated and it can not be used in city centers, except in the case of immediate danger. Lost ? Do not worry, follow our guide to learn a little more about the horns.

How to choose your horn?

There are several things to consider before acting out and buying your horn.

• The law: You can not use sirens or horns for your car. So choose a horn that suits cars.

• Decibels: the danger threshold for your ears is about 85 decibels. It will be better to choose horns that are not beyond this threshold. If you have no choice, be careful not to honk too long.

• Compatibility: While there are universal horns that will work with all vehicles and all car models, some horns only work with certain makes or models. Check the type of horn you have before buying a new one.

• Power: A more powerful horn will probably perform better, but it will also require more energy for your car.
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