Car Rear Light Assemblies

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The rear lights are an essential accessory for cars, trucks, caravans and trailers. The rear lights of a vehicle consist of three different lights, which promote maximum safety in road traffic. The red light is used to indicate the position of the vehicle and to signal a braking maneuver in progress, the orange light indicates a change of direction, while the white light indicates the execution of a reverse maneuver.

How to mount the rear lights

The assembly and disassembly of the rear lights should normally be performed by a qualified technician. In any case, the procedure is relatively simple and provides access to the headlight housing from the rear hood. Once the support nuts have been unscrewed and the electrical connector has been detached, the lights can be changed. Maximum caution is recommended to avoid damage to the vehicle and the operator.

How to choose the rear lights

- You can choose an original replacement light or a product compatible with your vehicle. Make sure that the latter is designed for the specific model in your possession - the taillights with LED lights ensure more powerful lighting and a longer life span - Depending on your needs, check that the chosen product is complete with a lamp holder , bulbs and cables for connection to the vehicle's electrical system