Car Registration Plate Holders

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To avoid incurring penalties, the vehicle registration number must always be exposed and perfectly visible. For this purpose, convenient supports are available for the front and rear of your vehicle. They are supports that are hooked by screws and bolts to the car or motorcycle and keep the license plate fixed to the vehicle, creating moreover an aesthetic effect less in contrast with the bodywork than the display of the bare plate.

Types of supports and frames for license plates

There are universal number plate supports to be mounted on every type of vehicle and models with chrome to match the car body. Some supports allow easy removal and replacement of the car's number plate and are widely used in sports environments, others have a rotating structure that allows the housing of two number plates. There are more technological license plate holders that have a built-in camera and are often installed on racing cars; they are waterproof and very resistant to avoid damage. Some types of license plate holders are actually supports for towing hooks and are convenient to use on vehicles such as SUVs and off-road vehicles.

In some cases the license plate can be fixed directly to the bumper of the car or motorcycle, to smooth the edges and make the visual effect more pleasant, you can buy frames for license plates that do not have the function of support, but simply fit together and cover the license plate edges. License plate frames are very popular especially on motorcycles and in general on two-wheeled vehicles. Some motorcycles such as choppers, on the other hand, have side license plate mounts that are screwed onto the rear wheel for greater visibility.

Supports and frames for number plates are also available in models equipped with LED lights to ensure that the number plate is always correctly displayed in all circumstances.