Car Shampoos

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Car washing is a part of car care, and car shampoo plays an important role as it removes dirt and dust without damaging the wax's protective coating. When it comes to making the right choice, factors such as environmental and skin compatibility, pH and paint compatibility are key. Car shampoos are plentiful, and each one promises you cleanliness and shine. With such a diverse offer, it can sometimes be difficult to make the right choice.

How is car shampoo applied correctly?

So that your car is really clean, in addition to car shampoo and the right accessories needed. A washing glove made of soft material is best for car washes, because it allows you to thoroughly clean the surface of your car. Once you have washed your car with the car shampoo, you can dry it with a microfibre cloth, then polish it to a shine with a cloth made of suede.

How to choose a suitable car shampoo?

- Does the car shampoo match your car's paint? This is an extremely important point, because an overly strong car shampoo can attack the paint layer. You must therefore make sure that the car shampoo is matched to the paint of your car.

- Are you driving a black or a dark car? If so, using a special car shampoo could be beneficial to your car. Especially on black and dark colors streaks are very noticeable, but their formation with special products can be prevented.