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Car speakers for the best sound in your vehicle

Car speakers can be integrated in the front and rear doors, in the dashboard and in the rear of the vehicle. Tweeters, bass reflex speakers or subwoofers are used.

Which cables do you need for car speakers?

For car speakers, classic speaker cables with two wires are used, which are easy to buy in the hi-fi accessory. Thin cables with a thickness of 0.75 square millimeters are sufficient. Thick cables are only necessary if you want to install a very powerful sound system in your vehicle.

How to choose a suitable car speaker?

- Are car speakers universally suitable? No, because there are models in different sizes. Before you buy a car speaker, you should determine the diameter. The shape also differs in the individual vehicle models. However, there are sizes that are installed in many vehicle models. These include the round car speakers for installation in the doors with a diameter of 130 mm.

- What has to be considered regarding the connections? The connections for the speakers are standardized in all modern vehicles. So you can install new car speakers in your vehicle regardless of the manufacturer. To do this, remove the old speakers and use the existing connectors to connect your new car speakers. For older vehicles, compatibility may be limited. But you have the option to use adapters. In this way, you can install in almost any vehicle new and very powerful car speakers.
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