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Originally used in climbing sports, carabiners are now used for a variety of tasks. These versatile click-in hooks are typically used to attach climbing ropes and harness. There are also specialized screw karabiners for professional use in the fire department, tree felling or in the building cleaning. The practical snap hook can also be used wonderfully in the household. Whether you're looking for reliable, self-locking climbing gear or a simple aluminum hook for the keyring, there's a wide range for every purpose.

There are different types of carabiners. Oval hooks are versatile and can be used for various types of climbing and abseiling. D-shaped hooks keep the load more to the side and away from the opening. They are a little easier to hook and lighter than the oval ones. The choice of material depends on the application. Industrial carabiners are made of steel and offer very high load values, but are also quite heavy. Climbing hooks are usually made of aluminum. This makes them lighter and at the same time good in load, sufficient for most household or climbing jobs. Climbing accessories are always CE certified to meet safety requirements.

The snapper is probably the most important part of a carbine. Whether straight, curved or wire catcher - all types have an easy-to-use mechanism, which opens inward on pressure and snaps back by spring force. Lockable carabiners have an additional locking mechanism that prevents accidental opening. Screw caps provide a reliable backup. But it can be quite tricky to open it, for example in an emergency. Self-locking systems automatically push a shutter over the tensioner, but are also the heaviest and most expensive variants. They are ideal for securing heavy loads or hooking them to the belay device, but are difficult to use with gloves. If you are unsure about the choice, you can ask your climbing instructor which type of carabiner best suits your needs.