Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is toxic to humans, and causes many fatal household accidents in humans. It is a gas found in the exhaust of cars, in the chimneys of houses heated with wood and in the smoke of cigarettes. Household accidents due to carbon monoxide are often caused by clogged fireplaces, ovens or heaters that work poorly. The solution to avoid any domestic accident is to buy a carbon monoxide detector that will sound as soon as the rate of this gas is too high in your house, and will wake you up if you sleep. Lost ? Follow our guide to find the detector that will suit you.

How to choose a carbon monoxide detector?

There are several criteria to consider before buying your carbon monoxide detector.

• The type: There are two types of detectors, the home detectors that you attach to the ceiling, and the manual detectors that are worn with you, which are convenient for workers in certain industries.

• The standard: detectors sold in the European Union must be certified EN50291, make sure yours is also certified before buying or fixing.

• The guarantee: the longer it is, the sooner you will have to change your carbon monoxide detector. You will not need to use a detector whose warranty has expired because it may be faulty.

• The number of decibels: indicated on some products, it is an indicator to be taken into consideration for the hearing impaired.

• Power: If you have a history with carbon monoxide it is better to choose one that detects carbon monoxide in smaller amounts, just in case.
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