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After the return from the hospital and the congratulatory marathon, the first months with the newborn offspring are once enjoyed. Therefore, it requires a lot of purchases in advance, such as a stroller, baby seats, diapers and especially a changing table to master the baby's everyday life perfectly. Just a functional baby changing table is essential in the household, as you will spend a lot of time wrapping in the first few months. Although the baby could theoretically be wrapped everywhere, the comfort is only provided by the changing table. After all, you should make yourself and the baby as comfortable as possible and not suffer from severe back pain after just one week. Changing tables offer the possibility to your offspring in comfortable height, easy to change the diapers. Depending on the model, the corresponding compartments and drawers can be used as storage space for various changing utensils, such as wet wipes, and diapers. So you have everything at hand at any time during the winding process. In addition, many changing tables are currently designed so that the changing mat can be removed and the chests of drawers also after the toddler age, in the youth room as a stylish storage space makes a good figure. In principle, changing tables and tables are available in many different qualities, shapes and functions. So there is something for every use. The best part is that the chests of drawers can also be conveniently ordered online with attention to simple tips. Thus, you save yourself the hour-long marathon in search of a changing table at Ikea and can easily order from home.

How big should the changing table be?

First, one should be aware as a parent, that the size of the changing table on the available winding surface and the storage and storage space affects. So a narrower version often saves space, but you often do not fulfill the stowage purpose of a functional changing table. The first weeks may seem a smaller model than adequate. However, if the offspring have reached a certain size, become livelier and begin to turn as they wind, a larger dresser is an advantage. Also for safety reasons, the child should have enough space to move and kick. After all, the baby should not almost fall off the dresser with every movement. A larger model offers more space to keep the kids safe. Generally, therefore, a size of the winding surface of 85 x 75 meters is recommended. Thus, you can be sure that you have enough space available.

In addition, you should pay attention to the right amount before buying. Your back will be grateful. A rule of thumb is that the height of the baby changing table should be approximately at the level of your navel, in order to allow a comfortable nappy change for parents and children. Accordingly, the ideal height amounts to about 90 to 95 cm depending on the height.

Which changing table is the right one?

This question is very individual and can only be answered to a limited extent. First of all, one should ask oneself the question of how long the dresser will be used and what role the functionality should play in the process. Thus, changing tables are available in all price ranges, functionalities and designs. Those for whom quality plays a major role should opt for soft-close dressers and ample storage space. Often, more elaborate processing, such as solid wood used to use the dresser even after the winding time as a practical sideboard. In general, those dressers are popular, which offer the opportunity to remove the changing mat to continue to benefit in future from the storage space in the form of a conventional chest of drawers. Another space-saving alternative to the dresser is the changing table or the changing shelf. However, in this case you should take into account that in those variants comparatively less storage space is offered.

In this collection you will find a large selection of various dressers and combinations that undoubtedly simplify your everyday life. The chests of drawers not only make a good figure when changing nappies, but are also a stylish eye-catcher in every nursery.