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Chests of drawers and drawer units: practical and decorative

Stellar protagonists of interior furniture, dressers and drawers are essential in any home. Its main function is eminently practical: in them we keep clothes, linens, crockery and household goods, blankets, sheets, various utensils ... But the interest for its decorative potential grows day by day. Explore the sensational collection of chests of drawers and drawers, where you will also find many other pieces to complete the furniture of your home, such as bedside tables, shelves, buffets, TV tables, filing cabinets or shoemakers.

Where to place the dressers and drawer units?

There is no room in a house where a dresser does not fulfill its functional and decorative mission. In the living rooms, for example, these furniture provide space to store everything necessary to arrange the dining table, as well as blankets, cushions, sofa covers, small appliances, and so on. In the bedrooms and dressing rooms, the drawers are essential for storing clothes and accessories. Where else would we put socks, shirts, underwear and accessories?

If we talk about a student's room, the drawers are fundamental, and if the resident of the room is a child, a fun child's dresser is the best way to keep at bay the inevitable chaos of toys and gadgets. There are comfortable with modular drawers perfect for the workshop or office utensils, and flirty bathroom cabinets in which to keep hygiene and beauty items in an orderly manner. Even in halls and corridors, the chests of drawers help us to locate the keys, the documentation and other belongings, while at the same time they impart a touch of charm to these areas of the home that are initially not very attractive.

How to choose dressers and drawers?

- First of all, you must be clear about the furniture format you are looking for. In the category of chest of drawers and drawers are pieces that share the common purpose of storing objects, but which are very different from each other. The most classic chests consist of three large drawers and are relatively low, but there are also taller furniture that combines the drawers with cabinets and shelves. There are some that act as a bedside table or as a reception, desk, cupboard for the bathroom, filing cabinets or imposing lounge cabinet to store the most delicate cutlery and crockery. Each format has its function, and each function requires a particular format.

- Obviously, space is another element to be taken into account, and in a twofold sense: keep in mind what is the storage space that we need and what space we have where we want to place our chests of drawers and drawers. With a little common sense, we can make much of that small but practical model that fits perfectly in our small apartment. If the size of our living room or bedroom allows it, it is worth betting comfortable dressers and drawers of generous dimensions that fit full dinnerware or seasonal clothing for the whole family.

- And what about the style? Well, it is the biggest attraction that the chests of drawers and drawers offer to those who love decoration. The variety of designs is such that you will have no problem finding matching pieces to match your style, whether classic, avant-garde, colonial, rustic, industrial or vintage. Apart, the countertop of a dresser is the ideal place to display ornamental pieces, photographs or books, as well as the perfect support on which to have lamps, chandeliers and other lighting elements.
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