Children's Backpacks

Welcome to High Quality Store Children's Backpacks Collection

Does your child carry his own belongings, at school or on vacation? It's time to find a bag suited to his size, morphology and tastes. The backpack is the ideal way for younger people to carry their stuff because it avoids causing an imbalance in the shoulders and pelvis. You will find his happiness in this collection.

At what age can you buy a backpack for your child?

From kindergarten, your little one can carry a small bag to store his snack and his blanket. He will be reassured to carry his most precious belongings with him during his first days of school. Baby backpacks are designed to be lightweight and distribute weight on both shoulders.

Which backpack to choose for which occasion?

If your schoolboy has to carry many books and notebooks, nothing beats a wheeled backpack. Heavy loads are indeed bad for your child's back. Choose a bag with multiple compartments to store your kits, equipment and documents in separate sections to help you find your way without damaging them.

On vacation, however, a small light bag with the image of his hero or his favorite animal will be ideal. Some children's backpacks even include a plush on the zipper.

For older children, the unmissable Eastpack will always be a success.