Classic Curtains

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The importance of a furnishing element such as classic curtains lies in the dual function of decorating spaces (both internal and external) and protecting doors, balconies and windows from atmospheric agents, guaranteeing privacy in every home or office.

How to choose classic curtains

There are classic curtains produced with any type of fabric: cotton, silk, linen, velvet, plastic and much more; some models are equipped with rings sewn on the upper edge, to be quickly inserted into the support stick.

Classic curtains are available in different sizes and very often the same model can be purchased not only in different colors and patterns, but also in various sizes that can be adapted to any type of balcony or window.

Even the imagination and the decorations can be of any kind: elegant models with crochet embroidery, funny curtains to furnish the bedrooms and fine draperies to embellish the most elegant rooms.

The classic curtains of thick fabric and dark color, are ideal for bedrooms, to have an effect of complete darkness; the thin curtains and light colors, on the other hand, protect from external looks but let in light and are suitable for shared environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Some models are equipped with magnetic rods in the side folds that adhere to one another to ensure perfect closure. There are also curtains that can be used instead of doors to divide the home, they are composed of thin strips of fabric, plastic, bamboo or wicker.

Transparent and perforated mosquito nets are also commercially available to prevent the passage of animals and insects, favoring the exchange of air; can be mounted together with normal curtains on any support.