Cloth Napkins

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Cloth napkins are an indispensable part of an elegantly laid table. Not only in upscale circles these noble and at the same time practical accessories are a good style on certain occasions.

Why should it be cloth napkins?

Cloth napkins are simply more stylish than paper napkins. Especially at special festivities or business lunches, the napkin makes a much better impression. In addition, cloth napkins are not disposable, which makes them more environmentally friendly. Not least, a paper napkin is much easier to take off your lap.

Which cloth napkins should you choose?

- How important is the color? The classic damask napkin is mostly white, but the material helper can be purchased in many colors. The napkins should match the color of the tablecloth or harmoniously contrast with it. Even napkins with sophisticated patterns and a variety of designs are available.

- Which execution should it be? Usually napkins are square. But there are also round models and copies with rounded edges. This is where the taste decides. Also size and shape should harmonize with the color of the dishes and the tablecloth. For the coffee table small napkins are sufficient, while for large meals, which may consist of several courses, large napkins are attached.

- And what about the material? There are napkins made of textile, z. As cotton, or textile substitute such as airlaid. If the napkins need to be washable at 90 degrees, cotton is recommended. Airlaid looks like a textile, but is a modern kind of paper and therefore not washable.