Coat Racks

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As you know, the first impression is a lasting one. This is true not only when you meet new people, but also when you first enter a person's home. A beautifully designed and tidy entrance area can ensure that this first impression is a positive one. But it's not always easy to keep the hallway or hallway tidy. Especially when several people live in the household, who come home tired after school or work and would like to first drop their jacket, shoes and bag just like that. Here, a well-placed coat rack that provides space for all these things can help.

Coat rack for every taste

Coat racks are available in different designs. They can be made of metal or wood, have castors or feet, be simple and elegant or elaborately decorated. Many models not only offer hooks for clothing, but also shelves for shoes and bags, as well as umbrellas storage. Classic coat stands are flexible and flexible so you can change your location easily. Since they are usually narrow and tall, there is also a small hallway or entrance area for them. Many models are also height-adjustable or have hooks at different heights so they can be easily accessed by children.

The choice of the matching coat rack

First, the practical helper should of course be optically adapted to the style of your home furnishings. The space also plays a role. Although a smaller model offers fewer options, it does not seem too powerful in a narrow entrance area. If you have enough space, a larger coat rack is a good choice. He should always have a stable foot so that this fully loaded does not get out of balance.