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A good coffee is for many the ideal awakening, the desired break during work or the opportunity to share moments in the company of friends and family and, why not, the excuse for an appointment galante. Drinking coffee is a pleasure but preparing the right coffee is an art.

The coffee pod machines, to be installed at home or in the office, are the ideal solution for not giving up on leisure breaks, tasty breakfasts and energy charges during the study.

How to choose coffee machines

The models of coffee machines available range from basic ones, intended for the simple production of standard espresso coffee, through classic pods, up to the most elaborate models that prepare a wide range of coffee-based hot drinks or less, depending on the selected function .

For those who want a multifunction machine that can prepare coffee, cappuccino, coffee or milk to heat water for teas and other tasty drinks, versatile and easy-to-use tools are available. They are ideal for large families or offices, where the tastes of many can meet in the functions of a single machine: just select the right pods.

There are also coffee machines with pods designed to make espresso coffee of different intensity, double, long, cold or hot, according to the aroma present in the capsule to be inserted in the special compartment.

Coffee machines generally have removable or fixed tanks for pouring water and, in some cases, arranging used pods that are ready to be recycled or disposed of.

The maintenance of coffee machines is often indicated in the instruction manuals inside the packs but generally involves frequent cleaning of filters and valves to prevent residues or coffee powders dispersed by the pods from obstructing the holes and inhibiting their operation .
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