Complete Wing Mirrors

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Although outside mirrors sometimes beautify the vehicle visually, they are not intended for decoration, but primarily to protect against accidents on the road. Modern exterior mirrors consist of mirror head, main mirror and angle mirror. Whether on the highway, at a fast turn or at the traffic light at the intersection - without the exterior mirrors, the number of traffic deaths would probably be much higher. The rotatable mirrors serve to provide the driver with the largest possible angle the best view of what is happening in his back.

Which exterior mirror complete set do I need?

It depends on the vehicle type and the driver's perspective. The mirrors should be mounted on the vehicle in such a way that the driver can always keep an eye on the vehicles behind them, but also on traffic signs and traffic lights. After these main criteria, the size, finish and type of the set should be selected.

How to choose a wing mirror complete set?

- Are the exterior mirrors for the car, the truck or the motorcycle intended? Depending on the vehicle type and brand different models and designs are available.

- Which execution is preferred? There are flat and convex curved models as well as specimens in different sizes available. It is also crucial at which point of the vehicle the mirror must be mounted in order to ensure the driver the optimal view in every angle. High quality parts are of course more stable, reliable and safer.

- Should it be rear or side mirrors? The best thing is to secure yourself with both so that incoming vehicles or pedestrians can be perceived on all sides.