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Children should spend many hours sleeping for a proper rest, so it is very important to provide a good crib or child bed. There are many models of different cribs and beds, and the prices can be very varied, so to make the perfect purchase you have to analyze precisely the features they offer and choose the model that best suits you and your baby.

How to choose a crib?

To choose a crib you must take into account both the possibilities of the baby's room and yours, since it is possible that during the first months sleep with you. In addition, it is very important that you make sure that the crib or infant bed you buy is approved and complies with the regulations in force. For example, if it is a classic bar crib, the distance between these has to be close enough to prevent the baby's head from passing between them. Also, the manufacturing material has to be adequate.

What types of cradle are there?

• Bassinet cradle: During the first months, the most comfortable thing, both for you and your baby, is a bassinet cradle. These types of cradle are very easy to transport thanks to the handle they include. In addition, they occupy a small space. Also, some models allow the crib to have the rocker function to easily rock your baby.

• Classic crib: This type of crib usually has bars and padded protections. It is a classic option for baby rooms. Most models usually incorporate an adjustable bed frame that is very practical to avoid possible back pain.

• Semi-cradle or sidecar: This cradle can be installed attached to one of the sides of your bed. That type of crib can work, too, like a conventional crib if it is not attached to a bed.

• Convertible cribs: The removable rails of this type of crib allow the crib to become a child's bed. This model adapts to the growth of your child's first years.

• Travel cots: This is a very practical cradle option for times when you have to travel. They are usually light, easy to assemble and disassemble.

Where in the baby's room is it best to place the crib?

It is important that, before buying the crib, you decide where in your room or the baby you are going to place it. In this way you can choose much better what crib to buy depending on the size of the room. The most important thing is that the cradle is separated from any window to avoid drafts.

How does it have to be the mattress of the crib or the child's bed?

Without any doubt, choosing a good crib or child's bed is necessary, but so is choosing a good mattress. Your baby will spend most of the day sleeping in the crib, so it is important that you choose a mattress that is comfortable and breathable.