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Crampons are always needed when climbing and hiking in snow and ice, when normal shoes no longer provide enough grip. On bare ice, glaciers and Hartfirn you usually can not get around crampons. They are equipped with vertical points - spikes that go vertically downwards from the sole of the shoe - and frontal naps that point forwards from the toe. So they offer even in snow and ice. Thanks to the toggle link, they can be put on and taken off quickly and easily.

Which shoes are suitable for crampons?

You need special crampon resistant boots that have a sufficient sole edge. It is crucial that the shoe fits well on the crampon and is firmly seated. It is right if the shoe already holds without binding.

How to choose the right crampons

- Which crampons are suitable for high-speed tours? For classic high-speed tours, models with two frontal tacks and eight to ten vertical tines are suitable. If the crampons have a joint, they offer a higher walking comfort. Lightweight all-round aluminum models are best for alpine tours. - Which crampons are suitable for ice climbing? Because of the heavy load, heavy crampons made of titanium or steel are suitable for ice climbing. In addition, the frontal curbs are at the front of the crampons to ensure a secure grip on the wall. - What are semi-automatic crampons? The rear strap closes automatically. This makes it easier to put on and take off the irons and they are therefore especially suitable for alpine tours.
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