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The elliptical is a multi-training tool, so called for the movements that the body draws when it is exercised.

The basic form of an elliptical is that of an exercise bike, but without a saddle; the handlebar consists of two rods connected to the platform. During use the arms resting on the handlebars follow the motion of the legs synchronously, involving the whole body during exercise. It is ideal for total body workouts because it allows you to train all the muscles at the same time; it is relatively thin in shape compared to other cardio-fitness equipment.

How to choose the elliptical

The elliptical wheel is called a flywheel and the weight of the flywheel determines some of the features of the tool. Lightweight tools, if they are comfortable to transport and to keep at home, have a flywheel of equally light weight and will therefore produce a less fluid movement. A greater weight of the flywheel instead guarantees a smooth ride and better performance.

The resistance to pedaling is also important when choosing the elliptical. The more resistance is applied, the more difficult it is to pedal. Resistance is necessary for toning and firming workouts.

There are three types of ellipticals:

● With manual magnetic resistance. They are the cheapest types of elliptical and do not need a power outlet, since their operation is completely mechanical. A magnet placed near the flywheel acts as a resistance to pedaling. The distance of the magnet can be adjusted manually, the closer the magnet is the greater the resistance.

● With electric magnetic resistance. Also in this model, the force is exerted through a magnet, but the distance from the flywheel can be adjusted by means of the buttons on the handlebar. They are electric models so they often have a display that shows the data related to pedaling.

● With electromagnetic resistance. These tools are widespread in gyms or for professional training. In fact, they are devices with sophisticated technology in which the wheel is braked by an electromagnet controlled by a computer. They allow an adjustment and a precise calculation of the resistance to be applied, and are therefore also used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions. Of course they are also the most expensive model, but offer significantly higher performance.

The most sophisticated models are equipped with a console that shows training data, calories burned, heart beats and allows wireless or Bluetooth connections with other devices.

Another important aspect in the choice of an elliptical is the height of the frame, as for the flywheel, the longer the frame the greater the performance. This implies that the best performing specimens are also a little more expensive and cumbersome.

There are also objects that contain the functions of several tools in one: they are equipped with a low seat and can be used as an exercise bike, as a step or as an elliptical.

Why choose the elliptical

The upper part of the body and the lower part are exerted through the elliptical; the fluid movement allows to carry out cardio workouts to burn fat and calories and at the same time to tone, legs, buttocks, abdominals, shoulders and arms.

The elliptical bikes allow leg movements in horizontal and vertical, describing an ellipsis. They therefore train their legs more completely than the classic exercise bike. While the arms, favored by standing position, moving the handlebars, simulate the movements of the race and cross-country skiing. Therefore, training with this type of tool stimulates almost all parts of the body!

Almost all ellipticals offer the possibility of pedaling in both directions and therefore urge the posterior muscles. In some ellipticals it is possible to adjust the length of the step according to the height of the body and thus obtain even greater benefits. Furthermore, a correct execution of the exercises on the elliptical provides considerable advantages to the posture.

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