Cup Holders

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Toothbrush cups are indispensable for daily oral hygiene and also ensure the clean storage of the toothbrush. You will find the most diverse toothbrush cups in the online shop. Choose from a variety of designs and materials exactly those specimens that fit perfectly in your bathroom. In addition, you can decide whether you prefer models with or without support.

What is the difference between toothbrush cups?

Actually, the cups, also referred to as mouthwash glasses, are a rather practical accessory. However, if you look at the offer, you will be amazed at how large the selection of designs and materials is. Choose toothbrush mugs to add a sophisticated touch to the bathroom, or models that are more modern and sleek. There are also very stylish cups that make a statement for a trend-conscious design.

How to choose the right toothbrush cup?

- Which design should the cups have? When the toothbrush cups match the shape and color of the bathroom, a particularly harmonious overall impression is created.

- Do you need cups with a holder? If there is little floor space at the washbasin, toothbrush cups with a wall bracket are ideal.

- How should the bracket be fixed? In rental housing, it is often forbidden to drill holes in the tiles for the bracket. However, there are also brackets that can be attached to the wall without drilling.