Curtain Poles & Tracks

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The curtains, in addition to being a valid piece of furniture, are essential to protect the house from external looks and therefore for greater security and privacy in the home. The assembly of the curtains requires fixing through supports such as sticks or rails which, by sliding the curtain, allow easy closing and opening.

How to install the curtains

The installation of sticks and tracks is a fairly simple operation that can be easily performed using the appropriate tools.

The ring sticks, for example, are formed by a long rod supported by two parallel hooks (to be installed on the wall or on the frame of balconies, doors and windows) that keep the rod laterally. They are also available in models with adjustable length, easy to install and ideal if you have approximate measurements.

A very convenient system for fixing curtains is made up of curtain rods or supports equipped with rails with sliding hooks. The curtain opens and closes simply by pulling a rope. They are compact objects and very pleasant design, which are completely camouflaged with the tent and the surrounding furniture. Curtains and curtain rails are available in all sizes, to adapt to any type of window or balcony and curtain rods are also available to be installed on the ceiling with total disappearance. Furthermore the tracks, the sliding guides and the hooks can be purchased separately if replacement is needed.

Sticks and curtain rods for shower curtains are available and you can find objects with an original taste, such as square-shaped curtain rods to build your own cabin in just a few moves. Adhesive hooks are also available that support thin metal rods for smaller size curtains that must be fixed directly to the glass.