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The cushions are complements for sofas, armchairs and beds that, depending on their quality, will provide greater comfort for the user and help you get a better rest. For this, it is very important, both the material with which they are filled, and the touch and resistance of the covers that make up the cushion covers.

What cushions to buy?

When you go to buy cushions for your home, you must take into account the following aspects:

• Materials: each material has its advantages. Fiber allows to set different degrees of firmness, is fresh and easily washed; the latex will adapt perfectly to the shape of your body and, in addition, transpires well; The viscoelastic is more flexible and its adaptation to the anatomy of your body is also total.

• Check that it is machine washable: for greater comfort when it comes to cleaning.

• Volume and density: there are different volumes and densities, so you should assess which are the best suited to your needs.

• Zipper: make sure it is placed in a place that does not disturb and can be easily concealed.

Which cushion cover to choose?

If you want to give them a more personal touch while protecting them, buying a cushion cover is a good option. Make sure that the material they are made of is resistant and pleasant to the touch, that the zipper can be hidden and does not bother, and that the size is appropriate for the cushion or padding that is going to be protected. If you have decorative elements embroidered or drawn, make sure that the finish is quality so that it does not peel or fray when washed.

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