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Bicycle locks: security on wheels

The world of bicycle accessories is very wide and includes elements such as a pump inflator, grip shift lock grips for handlebars and even pedals. A bicycle can be assembled from scratch, and each element is chosen with care. So the safety of the bicycle is an issue that worries all fans. Especially those who have invested a lot of time, effort and money in riding the perfect bike, but also those who buy it already made.

How to use a bicycle lock?

First of all, you have to choose the place where the bicycle will be locked. Better if it is visible and there are security cameras nearby. Once a good place has been chosen, the best thing is that, whenever feasible, a wheel and the frame will be blocked, since this way the bicycle will be more difficult to steal. The chain must be far from the ground so that thieves can not use it to leverage.

How to choose bike locks?

- U-shaped padlocks are lightweight and very resistant. They are more difficult to force than, for example, the spirals. The narrower the U, the harder it is to force the lock.

- The chains are also highly recommended as they are flexible, robust and easily transported.

- Fragile cables and spirals are very easy to cut. Many bicycle professionals discourage them.

- If you enter your budget, assess the possibility of buying a padlock with alarm.