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The decal is widely used for customizing cars, engines and devices of all kinds and can be considered the ancestor of modern stickers. The birth of this particular surface decoration technique dates back to the nineteenth century and consists in transferring the drawings from a sheet of special paper glued onto an object. This transfer takes place through the simple use of water, of which the decal is soaked.

Single or roll tuning stickers: what are the differences?

Depending on the object you want to customize and the type of effect you want to achieve, you can opt for a single tuning sticker, that is, consisting of a single element that can be a written or a small drawing, rather than for a roll of adhesive coating. In the latter case the advantage lies in the fact that it is possible to cut out the desired quantity and shape, so as to have the right adherence on any type of surface, even the most curved and difficult to coat.

How to choose a decal?

- Pay attention to the quality of the materials used to make the product: carbon fiber vinyl ensures good resistance to water and UV rays, proving to be long-lasting - the presence of air ducts in the self-adhesive rear portion can make it easier and more efficient application - Evaluate the size of the adhesive, especially if the purpose is to cover any scratches or damage on the bodywork of your vehicle