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Family photos or decorative stickers ... The fight is raging in modern interiors. However, with the new printing techniques, stickers for the home are particularly attractive and economical. Faced with diversity, the choice becomes even harsh and, in front of their ease of implementation, everyone is seduced. In any case, the use of stickers is the solution of the moment to decorate its walls. The best interior designers have launched the movement with original ideas that range from the kitchen to the toilet, through the children's bedroom or parents. Nothing more simple indeed to succeed its decoration, with or without imagination.

Why use decorative stickers?

You see them everywhere in interior decoration projects. They are trendy, inexpensive compared to other decorative solutions. But what advantages can stickers have to decorate one's interior? First of all, the stickers offer you a wide choice of models, from the form to their attachment mode (adhesive or electrostatic, for example). The colors are also very diverse and you can even find phosphorescent patterns that glow in the dark. In addition, you can opt for repositionable stickers, which is ideal in children's rooms where the decoration can evolve very quickly. Better still: they do not require any hole for their installation, which proves very useful to replace a chalk board on a fragile partition or to test an idea of ​​deco without transforming your wall in Gruyère. In addition to their ease of use, decorative stickers are economical. With a small budget, you can change your decor according to the mood of the moment. Finally, nothing more versatile than a sticker. The fridge, the walls, the tiles or the furniture are supports which you can explore at will and on which you can let your creativity express itself at leisure. Be careful though: there are special models for each type of surface. Find out about their resistance to moisture for a bathroom or heat for a kitchen, as well as the sizing characteristics.

How to decorate with stickers for home?

- Choose your decoration support: from the floor to the ceiling, from the switch to the library or microwave oven, there are many ideas when deciding to decorate with stickers.

- Make a sketch on your wall or draw a model on your computer. It is sometimes difficult to realize the necessary dimensions for your stickers and the final result.

- Observe the surface to be decorated. This must be as smooth as possible so that the bonding is maximum.

- If you opt for blue stickers or another color, make sure that they blend well with the immediate environment.

- Before you embark on the collage of the greatest elements, train with small decorative stickers. If sticking is very simple, a little practice will make it even easier for you.

- Once the sticker applied on the surface, do not forget to chase any air bubbles with a spatula or a brush.
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