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The desktop PC is considered to be the first computer generation to make it into households and fundamentally change life. It consists of a housing that can be flat or designed as a tower. The individual components are installed in the housing. These include the motherboard with processor and memory, the graphics card and the hard drive. There are slots for additional components on the motherboard. A monitor for displaying the image and a keyboard with a mouse as input devices are important equipment components that can be purchased individually or in a package.

Since the 1990s, a computer has been part of every household's basic equipment. With the increasing digitization of life he became indispensable and took over more and more areas. These include, but are not limited to, banking, photo management or entertainment through movies and music. The classic private letter turned into the electronic mail and the printed newspaper was read on the screen.

Already at the turn of the millennium, the desktop PC began to disappear from many desks. He was replaced by the smaller and more practical laptop. With the release of the first iPad in 2010, the tablet PC began its triumphant advance. At the same time smartphones were equipped with more and more features, so that the sales of tablet PCs quickly fell back. Today, most people carry a portable computer in their pocket with their smartphones. Nevertheless, the desktop PC remains interesting for a small target group.

Does the desktop PC have a future?

In recent years, the sales of desktop PCs have been steadily declining, because the user behavior has changed. Modern smartphones and tablet PCs have taken over the tasks of the classic desktop PC. If mobile devices can not be used or only used to a limited extent, users can buy a small and slim laptop.

While the desktop PC is still regarded as indispensable in companies and companies, as well as in public authorities and medical practices, the question of whether the system has a future is entirely justified for the private user. In fact, private buyers are still interested in desktop PCs. The target group, however, has become much smaller. Most of them are fans of computer games and videographers who still work with a desktop PC. They appreciate the high performance of these PCs, but also the possibility of exchanging individual components or integrating them into the system later. In their individual options, desktop PCs are still superior to all other products. The fact that they need space for installation and are not mobile, is considered a disadvantage and is the reason that many households have switched to other devices.

How to choose a desktop PC?

- Which basic equipment should a desktop PC have? Pay attention to a separate graphics card and sufficient memory. WLAN and Bluetooth reception as well as an Ethernet interface are important for networking. To output documents, connect a printer to the desktop PC.

- What should be considered when buying the monitor? The monitor should be HD capable and have a response time of less than 4 milliseconds. The ideal size for a monitor is 27 inches.

- Which performance is recommended? A processor with four cores, 8 GB of RAM and a 2 GB graphics card are standard.

- On which connections should be paid when buying? Look for an HDMI interface as well as six to eight USB ports.