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The dining table is the new sofa. Here you come together, swap and stay together for a long time at best. That is why having a lively household is the key to creating the right atmosphere around the dining group. Round or square table, small or large, chairs or benches, wood or glass - the combination possibilities are endless. Practically it is there, if you do not have to choose each item separately, but find a complete, coordinated dining group to your liking.

Which dining group fits in your household?

But dining group is not the same dining group. For every living situation, for every use and every taste a different model is recommended. What should you look for in your choice?

• Tabletop: A round table is basically more communicative, stands free in the room and accentuates the communal food, but it also needs more space. Therefore, rectangular tables are better suited for smaller households. Long boards provide enough distance between food and work.

• Size: The number of users specifies the size of the table. Per person one expects a space requirement of 70x40 cm. In addition, a little space for pots and utensils should be included in the middle of the table. There should be at least 60cm of space around the table for easy movement.

• Height: The ideal dining table height is between 74 and 78 cm, depending on the height of the body. A distance of 30 cm between seat height and table top is recommended.

• Seats: Comfortable chairs are the key to keeping guests happy and long. Crucial for this are material, freedom of movement and comfort. A bench can be used both as a seat and as a side table.

• Material: Solid natural wood creates a homely-warm atmosphere, looks reliable and contemporary. In addition, it can be repeatedly sanded, re-varnished, waxed or oiled. Coated hardboards have a scratch-resistant surface and are available in many colors. Glass panels are more restrained and lighter. The material is also robust, but must be wiped more often, as fingerprints remain visible
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