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A showcase is a real eye-catcher. It is ideal for storing collectibles, expensive glasses or other valuable items. Not only does it offer storage space, but through targeted lighting and the complete or partial existence of glass, it sets the content in scene and looks classy.

For the object of a box consisting of at least one glass, the synonym "showcase" is used in German. It is usually the lid that is made of glass in standing or lying glass cases. Hanging display cabinets have a front glass wall.

How to find the right model and tips on how to properly showcase your display cabinet can be found here.

What should I consider when buying a display cabinet?

If you are faced with deciding which display cabinet should be, then we have put together a few ideas for you.

First, think about what the overall design should look like and what you want to use the showcase for. For example, a collection may be staged differently than dishes or glasses. It already falls the first decision, whether the showcase should be more of a cabinet or rather a showcase.

A showcase can be made entirely of glass, while a display cabinet usually has one or more wooden walls. You can choose the type of wood according to your own taste and furnishing style - the selection is huge. One differentiates colloquially also between vollansichtigen showcases and those with back walls. Both are available as a stand or hanging model. Depending on how big the room is, in which the showcase should be, and how the corresponding room is furnished, different models are suitable.

You can also choose the shape and size of your showcase yourself. Display cabinets are often rectangular and freestanding, but can also come in unusual shapes, such as a triangle. Equally popular are corner showcases. The standard height for most models is about 180 centimeters. Think carefully about where you want to set up the showcase and measure the space beforehand.

If you want to mount your showcase on the wall, you should inform yourself about cables and power connections running in the wall. This is important not only for the installation, but later also for the lighting. Also, the height is not insignificant: Should the contents of the cabinets be easily accessible, it should not be too high. For exhibits, you should also be able to easily view the cabinet. For example, you could adjust the height to your own height.

In addition, the space in each cabinet should correspond to the height of the items you want to store in the display cabinet. Here one or more shelves or boards made of glass are recommended to preserve the overall impression.

Ideas for staging your display cabinet

If you have decided on a model, you want to put your display cabinet in the right place. With a few small steps, this is done quickly.

• Lighting

Some models come with integrated lighting, others give you the freedom to choose. Depending on which model you have decided on and what you keep, overall lighting from above or below or spotlighting of individual objects can achieve the desired effect.

• Mirror or mirror foil

You can cover the back wall of your showcase with a mirror or mirror foil. This creates optical depth and a great effect. In addition, the items can be viewed from all sides, which can be very nice especially for collectibles.

• buttons and handles

Also, the handles of the cabinet doors can be customized, for example, to match the content of the showcase. Especially for exhibits such a special effect and a special mood can be achieved. The same applies to the feet of the cabinet and locks, should you want to close your display cabinet.