Diving Snorkels

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Snorkel for adults and children - discover the fascinating underwater world

A snorkel allows you to breathe underwater without an oxygen bottle. This allows the underwater world to be observed and explored without the need for a diving license and equipment. It swims on the water surface and inhales fresh air through the snorkel, which protrudes from the water.

How do I use a snorkel properly?

One end of the snorkel is placed in the mouth, the other must protrude over the water surface. You swim on the belly on the water surface or just below it. Crucial for snorkeling is the breathing technique. Breathe deeply and evenly in and out. Make sure you keep your breathing calm, but do not focus too much on breathing.

How to choose the right snorkel?

- How long should the snorkel be? The length of the snorkel must not exceed 35 cm. Otherwise there is a risk that the exhaled air is inhaled again and a lack of oxygen is created. The shorter the snorkel, the easier it is to breathe. Therefore, beginners should resort to shorter models.

- What accessories do I need for snorkeling? For snorkeling a so-called ABC equipment is recommended, which consists of a diving mask, fins and a snorkel. If you need all three things, you can save money by buying a set.

- What is a dry snorkel? In a dry snorkel, when it is completely under water, hardly any water enters. This is perfect for those who want to dive while snorkeling.