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Find the ideal sound with mixers

The mixers are, together with the DJ controllers, essential elements in many recording studios. The same happens with mixers for direct, another accessory that has to accompany sound technicians and artists every time they go on stage. However, the role of mixing tables is very versatile, especially when combined with computers coupled in supports specially designed to work with a table of this type. Whether analogue or digital, this technology is increasingly widespread, it is impossible to get the perfect sound without working with a mixer.

How to clean a mixer?

The maintenance of an accessory as complex as this is essential so that its useful life is prolonged and so that its components do not stop performing to the maximum. The first thing is to know that not all products are suitable, so it is interesting to find one that is specifically designed to clean mixing tables. Afterwards and with care, the dust of the different elements must be removed with a brush or a brush until the table is in perfect condition.

How to choose mixers?

- Choose mixing desks that have the necessary channels for the use that you are going to give them. If you fall short, you can not enjoy this accessory, and if you pass, you will only get a larger and more expensive table.

- Check what kind of software you have to use with your mixer so as not to take unexpected surprises.

- Make sure that the chosen table has at least one microphone channel, since it is something that you may need in the long run.
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