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Although the interior decoration of a home is important, there are many ways to make a good impression on your guests by decorating the exterior of your home. With the wide variety of options found in the market, the doormat has become an original and useful way to reflect the personality of the owners of a house. When buying one, you can choose between options with famous film sagas, famous novels, with phrases of characters from television series or with fun and friendly messages.

What material are the doormats made of?

• Natural fiber mats: The most common ones are those made with coconut fiber. They are very resistant and absorb very well moisture and dirt particles, even gravel. They are a good option to place in areas that support a lot of traffic.

• Synthetic fiber mats: There are models made of rubber and others that mimic the appearance of natural fiber mats made with PVC. They are indicated to be placed outdoors due to their high resistance to weather phenomena and are very easy to clean.

• Plastic mats: They are very hard and are not modified by the attack of UV rays or moisture, so they are a good alternative to place outdoors.

Tips for the maintenance and conservation of doormats

As for natural fiber mats, it is advisable to vacuum them to completely eliminate dirt. Synthetics, on the other hand, can be cleaned with a brush soaked in a mixture of water and neutral soap. The best thing is to let them air dry. In addition, to completely remove the most encrusted dirt can resort to ammonia.