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Extraction systems - for cleaning the air and the environment

Clean air is extremely important to your health. Pollen, bacteria, house dust, mold spores and animal hair often make life difficult for allergy sufferers. In workshops, the burden of dust, odors and vapors is a problem. Exhaust systems provide an effective way to eliminate these problems. In addition, suction systems are used to remove liquids.

For what purposes are there extraction systems?

There are extraction systems that clean the air in private and commercial areas. Special extraction systems for allergy sufferers can filter 99.9 percent of all allergens from the room air. In the commercial sector, extraction systems are used to eliminate harmful fumes, particulate matter and other dust. There are also extraction systems that remove liquids such as oil and gasoline. They are used, for example, to empty tanks completely.

How to choose suction systems?

- What should be extracted with the extraction systems? There are exhaust systems for air purification and those that extract liquids. Even a leaf vacuum is a special form of extraction system.

- Are the extraction systems purchased for private or commercial use? There are different models for both applications.

- What is the space in which the air should be cleaned? There are exhaust systems for small rooms and models for large halls.

- Where can you find suitable replacement parts such as filters? The spare parts can be ordered here in the online shop. Simply enter the brand of extraction system in the search box.
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