Duvet Covers

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Centerpiece of the bed linen, the duvet cover combines the qualities. Not only does she infuse her style with bedding, she creates the mood in the bedroom. Romantic in pastel shades, it diffuses a soft, suave and intimate atmosphere. Contemporary with its contrasting stripes, it energizes the room with its couture spirit. Classic in white with embroidered finishes, it illuminates a rustic decor while evoking the tradition of linen of yesteryear.

What duvet cover for what decor?

Rather contemporary style, the design room in lacquered wood and purified volumes benefits from the insolence of two-tone duvet covers. Anthracite and fuchsia, black and red or gray and turquoise, they will bring a baroque note. Rather of classic inspiration, the room with stained furniture and fluted wood gains an exotic charm with the striped duvet covers. Bayadère or Basque, the stripe puts the bed in the spotlight. As for the zen atmosphere of wicker furniture, it can not do without the linen cover of natural color.

How to choose a duvet cover?

- For the child's room, choose a 1 person cover. It must be a universe all by itself declining themes of heroes for little girl or boy.

- To combine elegance and comfort, choose a percale canvas cover that offers a soft and delicate touch of silk.

- To give an impression of grandeur to the small rooms, opt for a duvet cover in blue tint that will give a sense of space.