Electric Barbecues

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Electric barbecue: barbecues for everyone in every season

Convenient, practical, easy to light and, above all, useful at any time of the year: with electric barbecue you will not have to wait for good weather to prepare tasty grills. The absence of charcoal, in fact, will allow you to use it even on the terrace or in the tranquility of the house. If, then, you prefer the classic binge eating outdoors, no problem: some table top models are transformed in a moment into a garden barbecue, with which to delight and amaze the guests.

How to use

Among all the types of barbecue, the electric one is certainly the easiest to use, because its operation mimics that of a common grill. So, to start it, just plug the cable into a power outlet, so you'll have to wait for the resistance to heat the plate. The waiting time, however, will be rather short and not at all comparable to the forty minutes required by the traditional barbecue. Once you reach the right temperature, adjustable by means of the thermostat, you can place it over the food, which will cook evenly, thanks to the serpentine design.

How to choose an electric barbecue

- Consider the intended use: the small table models are perfect for home use and those with support feet, similar to traditional barbecues, are suitable for outdoor use; finally, the two in one versions are definitely the most versatile

- If you plan to cook more foods at the same time, choose the barbecue with separate grills

- Take into account any optional equipment, such as a timer, integrated drip system, support surfaces for storing tools or comfortable wheels to transport the barbecue wherever you want

- For maximum convenience, opt for models with removable and easy to clean items