Electric Cheese Graters

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The grater is a tool of great versatility that helps to enrich each dish, not just those based on cheese.

If it is true that the first graters were designed to crumble hard cheeses like Parmesan, today, the various models available, are used to grind many other ingredients, including vegetables.

From the hand cranked graters to the ergonomic electric graters, to the graters and to the immersion frullers: to every recipe its grater!

How is a grater made?

The basic grating models are made of stainless steel or plastic and have holes or grooves of different sizes, depending on the food to be grated.

The traditional graters are those of a manual type. The most common are those for parmesan, those for fruit and vegetables and multi-function ones, equipped with more types of holes and grooves.

The electric graters, on the other hand, have engines, interchangeable rollers and, often, drawers for collecting and storing shredded products.

How to choose a grater

Although traditional models continue to have some success, modern electric graters shine for utility, performance and versatility. To buy the right one, consider the use you intend to make of it.

Those looking for cheese graters, for example, can choose from many professional models equipped with stainless steel rollers, drawers with lids and safety guards.

There are then crank or electric tritaverdure, equipped with various accessories and perfect to add a touch of creativity to their green recipes.

You can also buy very complex tools that combine the grater with other functions. Among these, the squeezers and mincers, tools dedicated to professional activity and useful in the home.
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