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Electric juicer for tasty and refreshing fruit juices

Why settle for ready-made juices? With an electric juicer, you can prepare fresh juices as often as you want, in a few minutes and effortlessly. In plastic or stainless steel, you will find models for all uses: choose the solution that best meets your needs, in terms of capacity, power and size.

How to use the electric juicer?

Divide the fruit in half and place a part on the cone of the juicer. Close the device, if provided with a lid, or exert a slight pressure: you will then activate the motor that automatically digs the pulp, through a rotary movement that replaces the manual effort. Some models allow you to work fruit without having to cut it first; others allow you to squeeze multiple citrus fruits simultaneously.

How to choose an electric juicer?

- Carefully evaluate the power of the juicer: a model that is too cheap may not perform the squeezing activity efficiently; on the other hand, a high-performance appliance could prove to be an excessive investment, especially if you do not plan to use it frequently

- Check that the capacity of the container is suitable for the quantities of fruit you think you consume

- If you prefer a well-filtered juice, opt for a model with adjustable gratings or, in any case, sufficiently narrow

- Make sure that the juicer is handy, equipped with non-slip and silent supports during use

- Prefer a device that can be easily disassembled, so that each component is easy to clean
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