Electric Knives

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An electric knife for a precise and easy cut

Characterized by an ergonomic grip that allows a secure grip, the electric knife is the essential kitchen accessory to quickly, effortlessly and accurately cut a large variety of foods, cooked or raw, soft or hard. More efficient and more versatile than a manual model, the electric knife allows you to fillet the fish and to cut or slice the bread, cured meats, aged cheese, roasts and poultry even in the presence of sections with bones, vegetables from the hard peel and the nuts.

How do I use an electric knife?

The electric knives are easy to handle: the ergonomic rubber or silicone handle with grip sections allows you to use the small appliance safely and securely and to perform any cutting operation, even horizontally. These tools have one or more stainless steel blades: they can be self-sharpening universal blades or blades for specific cuts. The blade can be smooth or serrated, with fine teeth or with a rough indentation. There are also blades dedicated to more substantial cuts, frozen food, bread and fish cleaning. The blade ejection button simplifies the operation of removing and changing the blade, while the blade locking button prevents the risk of accidental switching on of the appliance.

How to choose an electric knife?

- Consider the engine power and the number of blades supplied

- Choose the type of blade most in line with the cutting operations you intend to make

- Compare the weight and size of the appliance to find the model that meets your needs for handling and space

- Evaluate the length of the electric cable to make sure you reach the worktop easily