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Several studies support the popular belief that the Mediterranean diet is the best in the world: the most beneficial for health. It can not be otherwise when it comes to a regime in which green vegetables and fish are the most important, some of the most important natural sources of nutrients and vitamins, if not the ones that are most important. However, to take full advantage of all the benefits that this type of food provides, it is important to take care of the way in which they are cooked. Treating them to steam is the ideal way to keep their nutritional properties intact, and the fastest way to achieve a perfect result is through an electric steamer.

Benefits of cooking with electric steamers

• When cooking with steam, the food retains better the amount of fiber, which helps the body to discard toxins. In turn, this causes more oxygen to reach the blood, which purifies it. Also, the proportion of nutrients and the natural color of the food is kept intact, since the cooking temperature is constant and in no case can it exceed 110 degrees.

• Maintains the natural flavor of meat, fish and vegetables. In addition, with steam cooking it is easier not to sin of excess salt, fats, condiments and flours, which helps keep cholesterol levels at bay. In the specific case of fish and seafood, cooking them steamed produces a more tender texture, the piece is preserved intact and does not tear.

• It supposes an economic saving. The explanation is that with this technique oils are not used, almost does not require the use of kitchen utensils, and the space required for the start-up of the steamer is minimal.