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What is an electro-acoustic guitar?

As the name suggests, it is an acoustic guitar to which we added one or more microphones to amplify its sound. Indeed, the sound power comes from the sound box of the guitar, while on an electric guitar, it is sensor microphones that transform the movement of the strings of the instrument into electrical impulses, thus increasing its sound power. If you want to have only one instrument, but get these two nuances, it is necessary to opt for an electro-acoustic guitar. This hybrid model makes it possible to obtain an acoustic sound but with the same level of power as an electric guitar. Before the invention of this model, the guitar pickups have produced a high volume of sound and lead to an in-between.

How to choose your electro-acoustic guitar?

There are many models of electro-acoustic guitars, your style and your budget will determine to which model you will turn. Electro-acoustic guitars often have a cutaway. However, there are various criteria to consider before making your choice. It is worth paying attention to the different types of boxes proposed. There are two types of electro-acoustic guitars: folks and classics. The latter have nylon ropes and a relatively thick playing handle; they are obviously ideal for classical music. Folk guitars are more modern and more used for singing. The wood used and the finish of the guitar (matte or glossy) may also influence your decision. At this level, the choice will be made according to your tastes and the use you want to make your instrument.

As indicated above, the electro-acoustic guitar requires that we amplify the sound it produces; it is therefore essential that it be equipped with amplifiers. There are several solutions to amplify the sound of an acoustic such as the piezo sensor. This sensor produces an electric current depending on the pressure exerted on the ropes. It is frequently placed inside the sound box since it is here that the vibrations are the strongest. This type of microphone has the advantage of not being subject to the Larsen effect (strident sound that can occur when the transmitter and the receiver of an audio device are close to each other).

You can also opt for a microphone amplifier. Note however that these usually differ from those found on an electric guitar. Placed in front of the rosette of the guitar, the microphone makes it possible to obtain a pure and natural sound, but it is strongly subjected to the Larsen effect, which is not a disadvantage to neglect.

Additional option, the magnetic pickup. If you choose this solution, you will have to opt for steel ropes because it is incompatible with nylon ropes. It is however sensitive to the Larsen effect, just like the classic pickup, and you may find that the acoustic sound is a little too erased by the power of the electric sounds.

In conclusion

The visual aspect is important, but the sounds are even more so. The price of the instrument will also play a role, as your playing comfort will increase with the price of the guitar. It is not a universal truth to say that mid-range guitars sound less good, but differences will obviously be detectable compared to more expensive guitars.
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