Electronic Dartboards

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Dart is trendy. Especially electronic dartboards are very popular in pubs and restaurants. But why not solve the dart game from his somewhat musty pub image and bring the pleasure home? An electronic dartboard costs no more assets today. However, there is a bewilderingly wide variety of models and manufacturers, so the selection is often difficult. What should be considered when buying and what makes a good dartboard, read here.

Dartboard - cork or electrics?

First, you should think about what level you want to play. If you just want to let a few darts fly from time to time with friends in the cellar, you will be happy with a simpler model for a lower price than someone who is seriously involved in sports and has to dig deeper into your wallet. As a beginner, the temptation is great but rather to grab the cost-effective cork disk. However, a cheaper electronic dartboard has some unbeatable advantages over the cork even for newcomers. On the one hand, the computer automatically counts the points, different games can be selected and the current player and his current score can always be displayed.

What makes a good electronic dartboard?

An electronic dartboard should have a stable power supply that supplies it with power. The diameter of the target must not be too small and should be at least 35 centimeters. The integrated LCD display must be easy to read, as it informs players during the game about their current score. High-quality dartboards also have an integrated voice that announces the score. For any sensible electronic dartboard, whether professional level or beginner's model, the darts and replacement tips should be included, so that the game can be started immediately.