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E-Drums - electronic drums for beginners and professionals

The electronic drum kit is an alternative to the classical, manually played musical instrument. It is suitable for beginners and advanced drummers alike. You get E-drums in different versions. First, choose a simple and inexpensive set that is for beginners who want to try playing on an e-drum. These devices can be regulated in volume and are therefore also in the home nursery or basement usable. For professional use you get E-drums, which offer you a great variety of drumming.

Which e-drum set should one buy?

For the beginner cheap E-drums with four drum pads and a small sound selection are sufficient. You can find out if the instrument is right for you and learn the basics of the game. The advanced invest in an instrument with at least six drum pads, kick pedals and a wide selection of sounds.

How to choose suitable e-drums?

- What features should e-drums have for beginners? Recommended is an integrated coach who accompanies you while learning the drumming game. Alternatively, some offers include books that let you play the first beats on drums. Pre-made kits for re-enacting give you a feeling for the musical instrument and give you a quick start.

- Which connections are important? If you want to learn to play drums at home, 3.5mm headphone outputs are essential. An AUX input for connecting to external music players is also recommended.
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