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Gasket for the engine of the motorcycle

The engine of a motorcycle is a complex mechanism that has gaskets of different materials and different shapes. The gaskets have the task of avoiding any leakage of the exhaust gases and of retaining the cooling and lubricating liquids. When the gaskets of the motorcycle are in bad condition they can compromise performance and integrity of the vehicle; they are therefore fundamental parts, but also easily subject to wear. One of the most frequent maintenance operations concerns the changing of the engine's gaskets.

Types of gaskets for motorcycle engines

The cylinder head gasket is among the most important parts of the engine of the motorcycle as it ensures the seal between the cylinder head and cylinder and prevents any spillage of the cooling and lubrication fluids into the combustion chamber. The gaskets for the head have a rectangular shape with cylindrical holes and are produced in steel or copper to withstand high temperatures.

The gasket for the cylinder head is generally sold individually based on the type of engine, but the other gaskets can also be purchased in overhaul kits that contain all the gaskets according to the vehicle model: from the two or four stroke engines , with large displacement engines. Also available are assorted sets of various sizes of copper gaskets specific for the oil pump and injectors.

As an alternative, it is possible to buy sheets of paper for gaskets to be cut out or silicone sealants at high temperatures for gaskets and engine repairs.