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Everyone wants to do something for fitness. But going to the gym is not everyone's cup of tea. Especially as a beginner, you feel watched and uncomfortable and would rather go back quickly. A fitness bike, often called a (fitness) ergometer or a trim-your-bike bike, takes that factor away from you and makes it easy to do something for your stamina and health at home.

By the way, exercise bicycles and bicycle ergometers are legally separated: they are divided into different European standards and therefore have different requirements that they have to fulfill. Exercise bikes are only allowed for private use.

How does an exercise bike work?

The home trainer resembles a bicycle in its construction: saddle, pedals and handlebar are all present. It is used on the one hand for fitness training and for the development of the condition, on the other hand also for ergometry. The latter is done via sensors that record data during training, such as the pedal speed or the pulse, and then change them into appropriate training values.

The fitness bike is primarily used for endurance training. The advantage is that you can make it independent of the weather and from home. Unlike conventional bikes, before training you set a training resistance that raises or lowers the level of difficulty. Depending on the bike model, a console displays specific values ​​such as mileage, heart rate, heart rate, and calories burned. The body values ​​are measured by sensors on the handlebars.

What should I look for when choosing the right exercise bike?

Clear that you want to make the right decision here. It should be a good device from which you have something for a long time and with which you can train effectively.

• The seat, pedals and steering wheel should always be adjustable. Only this way you can optimally adapt the device to your body size and ensure a back-friendly training.

• The resistance should be adjustable in steps. Depending on how fit you are or how far you want to get, the lowest level should be very light and the following levels should reach appropriate heights. A spectrum of at least ten to 15 levels is recommended.

• One distinguishes between speed-dependent and speed-independent hometrainers. The difference lies in how far you can determine the load range yourself. With speed-independent fitness bikes you can set this yourself. It does not matter how fast or slow you pedal; the wattage is increased or decreased accordingly, so that the performance is always the same.

• Especially when using in a flat or apartment, it is important that the exercise bike has a quiet operation. This is not only more enjoyable for your own ears, but also for the neighbors.

• If the training gets boring quickly, it should rely on a device that comes with different training profiles. So you can drive through several routes: mountains, valleys or intervals bring variety and different challenges.

• Pay attention to the TÜV seal, which ensures the perfect manufacture and warranty for the device.

How often should you exercise on the exercise bike?

For this question, there is initially no lump-sum response. On the one hand, this depends on whether you are exercising for medically prescribed reasons or just want to do something for your stamina.

It should also be noted whether you are already training your fitness or are beginners. Especially in the beginning, it is easy to take over, because you want to give full power directly. But already two to three training sessions for about 20 to 30 minutes per week are perfectly okay for getting started. You should also increase the intensity gradually. Only when you realize during the training that a performance level is now very easy for you, you should go to the next higher.